Do You Have Domain Authority?

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Writing content is good, it helps for establishing yourself as an ‘authority’ in your niche. But is there a way we can measure it? Here comes a metric that has more and more importance nowadays: Domain Authority.

Once Upon A Time… There Was PageRank

PageRank, also known as PR, is a metric created by Google. It ranges from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest. PageRank determines the importance of a page. To calculate PageRank, Google looks at the links pointing to a specific page, counting this link as a vote for that page. Google also looks at the authority of the site linking to the page. The more authority the site has, the more important this vote will be. PageRank influences the site’s position in the search engine.

Over the years, the importance of PageRank has decreased. The last PageRank update occured in december 2013. Google advised webmasters not to focus on it any more, and that, after all, it was only a part of the 200 metrics that Google was taking in consideration.

And Then Came Domain Authority…

Domain Authority, or DA, was created by It’s a logarithmic scale that ranges from 0 to 100. It is more accurate than PageRank, because it uses a lot more metrics:

  • Number and quality of incoming and outgoing links: Do authoritative sites link to you? Do you link to authoritative sites with the same topic? Beware not to link to spammy sites!
  • Link diversity: It’s better to have a few links from a wide variety of sites than many links from a few sites.
  • Traffic: Is your site enjoying a lot of visitors, a lot of page views, do visitors stay a long time on your pages?
  • Domain age: Old domains have more authority than young sites. They had time to establish their authority in their own field.
  • Social signals: The number of likes and shares your site has got from social sites.
  • Content: Quality is the key factor here. The more quality content you have, the more authoritative your site will be in the eyes of search engines.

What Is My Domain Authority?

Like PageRank, there are various tools to check the Domain Authority of a website:

What Is A Good Domain Authority?

It is said that a Domain Authority of 35-50 is good, and that above 50, it is excellent. But it depends on your niche: analyze your competitors’ Domain Authority and try to beat them!

How To Increase Your Domain Authority

  •  Write good content: Make posts that offer useful content or solve your readers’ problems. Don’t copy/paste from other websites! Your content must be unique.
  • Promote your content: Post on social media sites, make some guest blogging.
  • Internal linking strategy: Don’t hesitate to link to other pages of your site, if it’s relevant of course! Use several words for your anchor text, and don’t necessarily use your main keywords. Check the structure of your website: the navigation must be easy.
  • Make websites link to you: Remember that an authoritative site that links to you will boost your own authority.
  • Be patient and work! Your Domain Authority will increase as you post new and good content and as your website matures.

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