Exploring The Travel Niche


Travel is a niche that appeals to everybody: Everybody likes or wants to travel, even in front of a computer! The potential market is huge, and there are many ways to monetize a travel blog. In this article I will take you through an overview of the travel niche.

Travelling Through The Travel Niche

‘Travel’ is too broad: you won’t be able to stand out of the crowd as you will have to compete with much more established sites than yours. The good thing with the travel topic is that you can associate it with almost anything: food, photography, films, family… A good idea is to associate it with other interests or passions you may have: it will surely fit! Remember that the purpose of blogging, aside from making money or expressing yourself, is to become a kind of specialist of your topic. So think of something that really interests you, and not something that you will give up after 2 months. It takes time to gain authority, so the only reward at the beginning is to do something you enjoy. Success and money will come later.

Some Ideas…

  • Travelling Photography Tips
  • Travelling With A Baby
  • How To Travel With Less Money
  • Luxury Travel
  • Food Of The World
  • Travellers’ Tales & Stories

Travel Affiliate Programs

What I like with travel affiliate programs is that you don’t need to make a sale to earn! Some programs offer you to place a search engine on your website to find the best hotel deals or flights for example, and you earn a commission whenever they use the search engine. In fact, you earn when they just click on a link!

I’ve listed some interesting travel affiliate programs below:

Dohop –
Dohop is a search engine that helps people find the lowest prices on flights. Affiliates get paid whenever users make a search and then click on the ‘Select’ button in the results page. This is what they call a ‘lead’. Expect to earn $0.10 per lead. But you also earn 50% of each sale generated through your affiliate link.

HotelsCombined – https://affiliates.hotelscombined.com
HotelsCombined compares hotels on all major travel sites. Like Dohop, you get paid when someone clicks on a link to check an hotel’s availability and price. They claim you can earn $0.50 to $2 per lead, depending on the quality of the visitors you bring. By ‘quality’ they mean if the visitor actually book an hotel.

CruiseDirect – www.cruisedirect.com/about/affiliates.php
CruiseDirect helps find the best cruise deals with all major cruise suppliers. Affiliates earn 3% commission on all cruise bookings made through their link. Their affiliate program is managed via Commission Junction affiliate network.

Expedia – www.expediaaffiliate.com
Expedia is the world leading travel agency. Affiliates can earn by multiple sources: flight, hotel and car. Commissions vary between 1% to 6%, depending on the product you promote.

HCC Medical Insurance Services – www.hccmis.com/affiliate-program
HCCMIS sells insurance for travelers who leave their home country. Affiliates earn a commission based on the amount of sales they make. Commissions range between 8% to 13% per sale. Affiliates also earn $200 when they refer someone to HCCMIS’ affiliate program.

Transitions Abroad – www.transitionsabroad.com
You are a good writer? You can submit an article to Transitions Abroad, which provides useful informations for whoever wants to travel, study, work or teach abroad. Articles must be 800-2000 words long and obey to their guidelines that you can find here: Travel Writer’s Guidelines. They pay from $50 to $150 per post.

Unanchor – www.unanchor.com
Unanchor sells self-guided itineraries to specific locations. Each itinerary provides the user with prioritized sights and attractions, maps and specific directions to go from a sight to another, and insider advices and tips from local experts. Each itinerary is sold for less than $10. The writer is paid 50% of each sale.

Interesting Keywords To Start

I made a few keyword researches into the travel niche and I’ve come up with a list of keywords that have few competition but generate a good amount of traffic. You can use them to start writing articles for your future travel blog.

Note about the numbers: Next to each keyword, you will see 3 numbers. The first one is the number of monthly searches in Google for this keyword. The second number is the traffic received by the page ranked #1 on Google for that keyword, and the third number is the number of sites which have that exact keyword in their pages.

What to do in Singapore (3666 – 624 – 237)
How to travel with a golf bag (285 – 49 – 3) Very low competition!
How to buy travel insurance online (1205 – 205 – 106)
How to buy car insurance online (4703 – 800 – 100)
How to take good vacation pictures (96 – 17 – 10) Very low competition!
Top things to do in New York (801 – 137 – 111)
How to travel with a car seat (501 – 86 – 9) Very low competition!
How to travel with a dog in a car (88 – 15 – 8) Very low competition!
Best places to travel in december (532 – 91 – 60)

Free WordPress Travel Themes

Surfarama Theme For WordPress
Surfarama Theme For WordPress



A theme focused on visuals, which makes it perfect for all travel blogs, that naturally use a lot of photos in their content. It is highly customizable: you can add your own logo, change the background color or photo, the primary theme color and even the categories color code.





Hueman Theme For WordPress
Hueman Theme For WordPress



A responsive theme that will make your content fully readable on computer, phones and tablets. Unlimited widget areas, unlimited topbar, header, footer, featured story or slider, 10 post formats, localisation support, social links, and many more options.






Sueva Theme For WordPress
Sueva Theme For WordPress

Sueva Free
This responsive theme supports all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. It uses HTML5 and CSS3. It’s a full-width template that also offers many sidebar options.






Harmonic Theme For WordPress
Harmonic Theme For WordPress

‘Harmonic makes your content sing’. I don’t know the meaning of this catch phrase, but it’s a clean and elegant theme focused on enhancing your content, both visual and textual.




I hope this article has given you ideas. Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think in the comments!

Suitcase Photo: Wilerson S Andrade – Creative Commons


4 Responses

  1. Brandy

    December 13, 2015 10:08 pm

    I loved your post. The travel niche is definitely something that everyone can relate to. However, it is such a broad niche. Awesome tips on how to narrow down and select the best keywords. That is one of the most important parts of affiliate marketing. This is a great resource for ANYONE in the travel niche!
    Thanks so much!

    • David

      December 14, 2015 6:14 am

      Thanks Brandy, I hope to be useful to everyone who wants to start affiliate marketing by choosing this wonderful and inspiring niche!

  2. Arthur Siew

    November 28, 2016 11:59 am

    I think the hotel niche might be too competitive for me because their ads are all over the place. Can you give me good advise on how to make money out of travel niche ?

    • David

      November 28, 2016 7:40 pm

      Hi Arthur and thanks for stopping by! I think that the best way to earn some money from the travel niche is to start a blog, like you did. It’s the best way to attract good traffic, though it may take some time. Then you can start monetizing it, especially by using sites like Dohop or HotelsCombined. The good thing with these programs is that you get paid when someone uses the search engine to find an hotel or a flight. It doesn’t matter if anybody ever buy a thing, you still get paid just when they perform a search. Good luck and let me know your progress!


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