How To Track A Link


If your goal is to earn money by doing affiliate marketing, it’s absolutely essential that you track the links that lead people to your various offers. That way, you will be able to see what links work best and what are the ones you need to improve. A good link tracker shall allow you to see the number of clicks (total and unique) and where these clicks come from. So you can see what source of traffic works best with your offer. There are many tools to track links. Here I will show you how to track a link using my preferred one.

How To Track A Link With The Real Tracker

The Real Tracker is a tool developed by a site named LeadsLeap. LeadsLeap is a free lead generation service: basically, with LeadsLeap you can post ads and people click on them to gain credits to show their own ads. You also earn credits when one of your referrals clicks an ad. You can try LeadsLeap for free by clicking on my affiliate link (and you will be one of my referral!): Join LeadsLeap


Among the tools provided by the site is The Real Tracker. Once logged in, just click on ‘The Real Tracker’, then on ‘Manage Links’ and enter a url in the blue field, then click ‘Submit’.

TRT - Manage Links
Manage Links
TRT - Enter Link
Enter The Link To Track Here

The Real Tracker will create your link immediately and you will be able to customize it: change the name, the title, use an ad bar and set the widget (I will talk about these 2 features later), enter tags to filter your links. Once you’re done, click ‘Save’.

TRT - Edit Link
You Can Customize Your Link Here

You will then see the link you’ve just created, with several metrics: 7 Day Clicks, Total Clicks, Unique Clicks, Average Stay (on your page) and Date of Last Visit. You can click on the link to check if everything is OK.

TRT - Link Metrics
Link Metrics

You also have 5 buttons on the top right, to perform several actions: edit your link, ad to rotator (see below), delete link, show detailed stats and reset all stats. The real beauty of The Real Tracker happens when you click on ‘Show detailed stats’. You will then graphically see the number of clicks day by day, the surfing duration, and, very important, the different traffic sources. You can also choose the time period (7, 14 or 30 days) or just see one traffic source at a time.

TRT - Buttons
The Real Tracker Buttons
TRT - Traffic Details
Traffic Details: Number Of Clicks And Surfing Duration
TRT - Traffic Sources
Traffic Details: Sources Of Traffic


With The Real Tracker, you can also create a rotator. A rotator is a group of several links, that you can manage with one single url. The links will be shown at random to your visitors. You can specify a ‘weight’, if you want some links to be shown more often.

To create a rotator, click on ‘Manage rotator’, ‘Add a new rotator’. Enter a name for your rotator and click ‘Save’.

TRT - Manage Rotator
Manage Rotator
TRT - New Rotator
New Rotator
TRT - Edit Rotator
Edit rotator

Then you can add your links in the rotator by clicking on the little ‘chain’ icon and then ‘Add links to this rotator’. You will be able to choose among the links you created in the ‘Manage Links’ section.

TRT - Add Links Rotator
Add Links To Rotator
TRT - Rotator Links
Rotator Links

Ad Bar

You can display a little ad with every url tracked in The Real Tracker. It’s a text link ad that will show up either on top or bottom of the browser. You can even set a countdown, if you want people to click faster on your link.

To create an ad bar, click on ‘Manage Ad Bar’, then on ‘Add a new ad bar’.

TRT - Manage Ad Bar
Manage Ad Bar
TRT - Add Ad Bar
Add Ad Bar

Enter the url of your offer, a name, the text that will be displayed, choose the position (top or bottom) and activate or not the countdown.

TRT - New Ad Bar
New Ad Bar

To make your ad bar visible, you will have to add it in your tracked link. Edit your link and select the ad bar you want to use with the drop-down menu.

TRT - Select Ad Bar
Select Ad Bar
TRT - The Ad Bar
The Ad Bar On Top Of The Page


The widget is a small ad viewer that will appear several seconds (you can choose up to 60 seconds) after the loading of your page. If a user clicks on an ad, you will receive credits for it. If he joins LeadsLeap through the widget, he will become your personal referral. This ad viewer can easily be hidden. You can choose not to let the widget appear by setting the widget delay to 0.

TRT - Widget
The Widget On The Top Left Of The Page
TRT - Widget Settings
Widget Settings

If you want to know even more about The Real Tracker, you can read this post from the LeadsLeap blog: Are you getting real visitors or just clicks? Find out how… [Affiliate Link]

For Short…

So, what are the benefits of tracking your links with The Real Tracker?

  • See how much traffic your links receive (and how many unique clicks, which is the most important)
  • See where the clicks are coming from
  • See how long your visitors stay on your page
  • Promote several sites with one single url with the rotator
  • Bring even more traffic to your offers with the Ad Bar and the widget

And all this for free! You can try LeadsLeap and all the other tools it offers by signing up with my affiliate link: Try LeadsLeap Now

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4 Responses

  1. Alan Roy Hocking

    December 2, 2015 4:29 pm

    Hi David

    The Real Tracker seems like a very useful tool to have in your affiliate marketing toolbox.

    I particularly like the Ad Bar widget

    How long have you been using it and have you had much success with the Ad Bar?

    I would be interested to see some data on your results if that is possible?

    Maybe you could add some screenshots to this review when you have enough data to share


    Alan Roy Hocking

    • David

      December 2, 2015 8:01 pm

      Because I use several tools inside LeadsLeap to bring traffic to my offers, I can’t precisely say how much traffic I get from the Ad Bar. But I plan to write a more in-depth article about LeadsLeap and the results I get with it. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Xin Zhang

    December 2, 2015 4:57 pm

    Hello Dillon,

    You have done an excellent job with the graphics. I this instance a picture is really worth a thousand words. I would never have been able to understand without them.

    I do have a few question about the AD Bar and the Widget to these only display ad’s from others? Do you get to pick what shows up or does the company do that part?

    Also, when someone clicks on something and makes a purchase do you get an affiliate fee or only some type of credits? How do the credits work?



    • David

      December 2, 2015 8:03 pm

      Hi Xin,

      My name is David, not Dillon! Never mind…

      The Ad Bar shows your own link, and the widget shows the other members’ links. The Ad Bar brings traffic to your own offers, whereas the widget gives you credits each time someone clicks on a link. These credits are used to show an ad that you set up inside the site’s member area. If someone clicks on a link in the widget, you only get credits but no commission, since these are not your own offers, but your offers may show up on someone else’s widget. For short, it’s a system where people exchange their ads. I suggest you to try LeadsLeap, there are more useful features and tools to advertise your business. Thanks for your comment!


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