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Today I’d like to talk about a system I’ve been using for several years now called LeadsLeap. LeadsLeap was started in 2008 as an auto-surfing site and has now evolved to its 2.0 version.

What Is LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap is a lead generation system, i.e. a system that will help you bring visitors to your website or your various affiliate marketing offers. LeadsLeap is a 5-part system. All parts work together to bring you traffic:

  1. Free Advertising
  2. Free Marketing Tools
  3. Exponential Lead Generation System
  4. Revenue Sharing
  5. Social Reviews

Free Advertising

The first thing you will do once you’ve signed up with LeadsLeap is to set up your free ad. It is a simple text ad with a link pointing to your offer. This ad will be shown inside LeadsLeap members area, LeadsLeap blog and throughout more than 4,000 websites operated by LeadsLeap’s members. The free advertising is a credit-based system: to be able to show your ad, you will need to click on other members’ ads in order to earn credits. That’s how the system can be free. Inside the members’ area you will see the “members’ Links” column. Just click on the links and earn credits! You will also find links to click on inside LeadsLeap’s newsletter.

Credits can be used to show your own offers, or you can simply convert them into cash. You need to have at least 50 credits to encash them. Those credits will earn you approximatively $0.10.

If you have your own website, you can place the LeadsLeap widget on it. The widget will show other members’ ads on your website. Whenever someone clicks on a link on the widget, YOU will earn credits for that click! So if your website has some traffic already, you will earn credits on complete autopilot. No need to click anymore! Of course you can also click on ads to earn even more credits.

To see the widget in action, just look at the right column of my blog!

Leads leap Members Links
LeadsLeap Members Links – See the number of hits the links receive!

Free Marketing Tools

LeadsLeap offers you 4 simple but very effective marketing tools designed with the serious Internet marketer in mind.

Free Tool #1: OTO List Builder Script

Leads leap Oto List Builder Script
LeadsLeap OTO List Builder Script

It is simply a complete autoresponder system! No need to pay a monthly fee anymore to build your list! OTO List Builder Script offers you all:

  • A lead-capture page, where your visitors can sign up to your list
  • A “One Time Offer” page, allowing you to make money by selling them a product at a discounted price
  • Autoresponder features: send pre-written mails to your list regularly, or send them a mass-mailing. Manage your subscribers
  • Banner management
  • Email ads management

You can view a demo of OTO List Builder here: OTO List Builder Demo

You can also view a demo of the admin panel (username admin / password: admin): OTO List Builder Admin Demo

If you want to test the script immediately, you can download it directly here [Affiliate Link]: OTO List Builder

Free Tool #2: All-In-One Popup Generator

An online tool to create stunning popups in minutes! You can also create ads to drive people to whatever offer you promote or to make them visit a particular post on your blog. Just scroll down this page to see the little ad I’ve created for Wealthy Affiliate. This popup generator comes with pre-made designs to let you create your popup very easily. If you’re using WordPress, you can integrate your popup in a breeze, using a specially developed widget.

LeadsLeap PopupXpert
LeadsLeap PopupXpert

Free Tool #3: The Real Tracker

I won’t go into further details here: I made a post explaining all the benefits of the link cloaker, that you can read here: How To Track A Link

Free Tool #4: Cookie Generator

The Cookie Generator helps you track your visitors by placing a little piece of data (a “cookie”) in their computers. That way, each time a visitor browse your website, you will be able to know if he is a returning visitor, if he has subscribed to your list or bought something via your affiliate links. You will then be able to adapt your offers according to his profile. For example, if your visitor has already subscribed to your list, why not offer him to buy something or subscribe to another website you’re promoting? As he is already interested in what you’re proposing, he will have more chance to buy something from you…

If you want to know more about the Cookie Generator, you can read this post from LeadsLeap blog [Affiliate Link]: How To Customize The Offers For Subscribers And Non-Subscribers?

Exponential Lead Generation System

It is simply LeadsLeap’s referral program: like any other referral program, whenever you refer someone to LeadsLeap, he will become your referral, and you will earn credits whenever he will click on a link to be able to show his own ads (or you will earn a commission if he purchases something from LeadsLeap). But the twist here is that it works 10-level deep! So if this first referral refers someone, he will also become your referral (on level 2), and so on… As you can see, you just need to refer a few people to soon have hundreds of leads at your service!

Just look below at the evolution of my own personal downline : Level 1 has not evolved much from 2015 to 2017, but look at levels 2-10. From 56 to 920 members in a little more than one year! This downline is now growing on auto-pilot: each week, 20 to 30 new people are joining without me lifting a finger!

My LeadsLeap Downline As Of 12-29-2015
My LeadsLeap Downline As Of 12-29-2015
My LeadsLeap Downline As Of 02-17-2017
My LeadsLeap Downline As Of 02-17-2017

Revenue Sharing

There are 3 ways LeadsLeap shares its revenues with its members:

Daily Earnings: 5-10%

You have to surf at least 10 ads a day to qualify. LeadsLeap takes 5% of its average daily earnings, divides that sum by the total number of credits members have earned, and then multiplies it by the number of credits you’ve earned. If you are a Pro Member, your earnings are doubled.

Weekly Earnings: 15-30%

LeadsLeap rewards people who send third-party traffic to LeadsLeap ads. This is done by using LeadsLeap widget on your blog, sending traffic via The Real Tracker or via your affiliate link. Weekly earnings are based on LeadsLeap average weekly earnings in the past 4 weeks and the amount of traffic people send in that week.

Affiliate Commissions: 25-50%

Whenever one of your direct referral (Level 1) upagrade their account to a Pro membership, you earn a commission. These are recurring commissions (as long as your referral stays a Pro member).

Social Reviews

You can now write a review for any program you like and add your affiliate link to it. Whenever someone clicks on your link after reading your review, he will become your referral for that program.

To learn more about LeadsLeap social reviews, you can read my article here: LeadsLeap Social Review.

LeadsLeap Blog

LeadsLeap has also a blog where you will find lots of tips to improve your Internet marketing strategies. I especially like the way it is written: it’s always clear information, with no false promises of earning thousands in a few days. And the icing on the cake is that you can embed your referral link whenever you refer to a LeadsLeap blog post. So you can bring visitors to the blog, and if they like the information provided, they can subscribe to LeadsLeap under your link, becoming your referrals. You can access LeadsLeap blog here [Affiliate Link]: LeadsLeap Blog

LeadsLeap Premium Membership

Like many sites, LeadsLeap has also a paid membership. For $27 per month, you will have your ads running 24/7 on the entire LeadsLeap network (member area, blog and emails sent to LeadsLeap members) without the use of credits. Your ads will have much more exposure, resulting in much more clicks, without you lifting a finger!

My Final Thought On LeadsLeap

LeadsLeap offers you a unique lead generation system, amazing and completely free tools, and useful and updated informations. All of this for free! If I were you, I would sign up right away! Seriously, I think you really should try this system, not just because it’s free, but simply because it’s effective.

Join Leadsleap

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