LeadsLeap: The Best PTC?


When I started to try to make some money online, I tried Paid-to-Click sites, like many of you I suppose. I did the most famous ones: Clixsense, Neobux, Clixsia… and a couple of others. There was a time when I was active on more than 10 sites simultaneously! Yes, I like clicking… And all that energy spent for what? A few cents per day? Excepted if you are able to recruit an army of referrals, you won’t go very far, and finally, you will certainly give up.

And Then Comes LeadsLeap…

I won’t explain here what is LeadsLeap, which is a lot more than a Paid-to-Click site. For a complete review, you can go here: LeadsLeap: Lead Generation Made Easy
But you can simply use it as a Paid-to-Click site, which certainly makes it the best one!

A PTC Site With No Timer?

The primary goal of LeadsLeap is to show your own ads. If you’re a free member, you must have credits to do it. And to earn credits, you must click on other people’s ads. The first thing that sets LeadsLeap apart from ordinary PTC sites is that there is no timer when you surf a site. That way, you can focus on the site’s content and not on the timer. And what I really appreciate is that the longer you stay on the site, the more credits you earn, so it’s no use doing a lot of clicks. The time you spend on the site matters more than the number of clicks you are able to perform. That way, you can learn useful informations and get paid for that!

Infinite Clicking?

With most PTC sites, there comes a time when you have no more ads to click. You must wait a certain amount of time until new ads show up. But with LeadsLeap, ads never disappear, you can click for as long as you want. One day I clicked 92 times!

Encash Your Credits!

Assuming you don’t want the free advertising, you can trade your credits for cash, providing you have at least earned 50 credits. Those 50 credits can earn you between $0.08 to $0.10. It takes me 40-50 clicks to earn those 50 credits. Usually with a regular PTC site it will take you several days to earn that. Of course, these earnings are made with 0 referrals! But you can earn more credits if you refer people, like in any PTC (see below).

Daily Revenue Share

A superb feature of LeadsLeap is its daily and weekly revenue share system. I won’t talk about the weekly revenue share here, because it only works if you bring traffic to LeadsLeap, and that’s not the aim of this post. To be able to participate in the daily share scheme, you just have to click at least 10 ads a day, which is very easy to do. That way, you can earn an extra income. LeadsLeap shares 5% (10% for Pro members) of its daily revenue with all its members. The more credits you’ve earned in one day, the more you will earn with the daily revenue share. Below you will see a screenshot of what I’m earning with the daily revenue share.

LeadsLeap - Daily Revenue Share
LeadsLeap – Daily Revenue Share

Overriding Credits

A very nice feature of LeadsLeap is that you can earn credits with your referrals clicking activity. It is called “overriding credits”. You must have at least 20 personal referrals to be able to earn those credits. And the more referrals you have, the more you earn! For example, I have more than 400 personal referrals, so I earn 8% of the credits my referrals earn. And it goes up to 20% for more than 1000 personal referrals! Another aspect of LeadsLeap that I love: you get rewarded even if your referrals are inactive. With most programs, inactive referrals lead you nowhere, but not here. Almost 30% of the credits I earn comes from overriding credits.

My Final Thoughts

On a regular day, with let’s say 50 clicks, I can earn $0,08 with credits encashment, plus $0,10 with the daily revenue share system. Total earnings for one day : $0,18. And you can do that with 0 referrals, just by clicking.

So I really think you should try LeadsLeap. It’s free!

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6 Responses

  1. Lorenz Valdez

    November 9, 2016 9:16 pm

    Do you think its worth it to do PTC programs when they are worth so little for a huge amount of clicks. In your personal experience, have you made money from it to where you are content. I tried everything online to try and make some extra cash but nothing compares to Wealthy affiliate and this entire program.

    • David

      November 10, 2016 7:21 pm

      Of course you can make a lot more money with affiliate marketing, but it takes a lot of work! As I said in my review, I can earn around $0.10 per day, which is not much but adds up every day. Among all PTC sites, LeadsLeap is definitely my first choice!

  2. Chris

    December 11, 2016 11:15 am

    Well I’ve been an ultimate member of Neobux for about 7 years now and I never thought a ptc site would catch it…but the function of infinite clicking seems pretty cool to me!
    One question mind – how old is this site?
    I only ask as many ptc sites don’t last 24 months – their models end up being non sustainable!

    • David

      December 11, 2016 1:25 pm

      Hi Chris! LeadsLeap started in 2008, and has never stopped growing ever since. It’s a very reliable site, commissions are always paid in due time. I think you can go for it, you won’t be disappointed!


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