ParadoxCash: So Much For So Less

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What Is ParadoxCash?

ParadoxCash was officially launched in 2014 by 2 online marketers, Nigel and Angelina Swain. They had an ambitious goal: providing all the tools needed for the Internet marketer through several websites, with a unique and small monthly fee.

To attract a large audience, they started a prelaunch in 2012: the first 5,000 members were asking to pay a small one-time fee of $2 to access the whole network (that was not created at that time). Then, the fee was $4 (one-time too) for the next 5,000, then $6, $8 and $10, until the site reached 30,000 members. Personaly, I joined ParadoxCash during the $4 phase. All these early members are considered “Founder members”. They earn a small portion of the revenues generated by the whole ParadoxCash system.

Now that the prelaunch phase is over, the cost to join ParadoxCash is $10 per month. That membership gives you access to all the sites with a Premium status.

Overview Of The ParadoxCash Galaxy

The Main Site: ParadoxCash

This is where you will bring your visitors, in order to show them the whole system. Being an upgraded member here gives you access to all the sites with a Premium membership.

The site has also a lot of tools to help you in your Internet endeavours:

  • Tools to promote ParadoxCash: banners, splash pages, sales pages, prewritten emails
  • Url shortener: make a long url short! The cool thing is that you can customize your url
  • Banner Creator: create cool banners with animations very easily
  • Banner rotator: you can enter some banners of your choice to promote other sites. The banners are rotated inside ParadoxCash
  • Traffic stats
  • Site rotator: promote several sites with one single url

Join ParadoxCash [Affiliate Link]: ParadoxCash

ParadoxCash Splash Page

A Traffic Exchange: ParadoxTraffic

A traffic exchange is a site where people visit other people’s websites in order to earn credits. These credits allow them to show their own sites to the traffic exchange members.

Once upgraded, you will enjoy the following:

  • 2000 hits a month
  • 2000 banner impressions a month
  • 2000 text ad impressions a month
  • 50% commissions on all your referrals’ purchases on the site

You must surf at least 200 sites every 15 days to keep your account active.

Join ParadoxTraffic [Affiliate Link]: ParadoxTraffic

A Paid-To-Click: ParaPTC

Very similar to a traffic exchange, a paid-to-click is a website where advertisers pay to show their sites. Users click on links that bring them to these sites, in order to earn money (usually, a few cents per click).

As a premium member of ParadoxCash, you will earn 5% of all your referrals earn on the site.

Join ParaPTC [Affiliate Link]: ParaPTC

An Autoresponder: A List Mailer

An autoresponder is a service that can automatically send e-mails to a list of subscribers. It’s a must-have for any Internet marketer, to keep in touch with customers and to regularly send paid offers. Usually, autoresponders are paid services that cost at least 20-30 dollars per month.

If you’re a ParadoxCash upgraded member, you will enjoy a lifetime A List Mailer account with up to 5,000 subscribers.

Join A List Mailer [Affiliate Link]: A List Mailer

A List Mailer

An Auction Site: Ubuy Isell

This site works like eBay: people bid on products they want, and the highest bid wins the product. On sites like eBay, you have to pay a fee when you list a product to sell. Here you can sell your products totally free of any charges.

Join Ubuy Isell: Ubuy Isell

An Hosting Website: Kwik Fix Hosting

This is a simple hosting service for people who want to have their own website. You can make money with it by earning a commission each time your referrals buy hosting.

Join Kwik Fix Hosting: Kwik Fix Hosting

A Website Builder: We Build Online

A website builder lets you easily create a website, even if you have no technical knowledge. Ready to use templates make the process even easier. You can create an unlimited number of websites.

Join We Build Online: We Build Online

An Advertising Website: AdictiveAds

A website where you can put your banners and your text ads for the world to see. What is interesting here is that each new member must buy $25 to join the program. $10 goes to the referrer (you, if you can refer some people to the system), and the remaining $15 goes to the admin. The admin then takes $10 and give it to 5 random members (so they receive $2 each). That means automatic money for anyone. The more people promote the program, the more they are likely to receive money.

Join AdictiveAds [Affiliate Link]: AdictiveAds

My Results Promoting ParadoxCash

ParadoxCash is pretty easy to promote, due to all that is offered. I must say I didn’t promote the site very much, because I was busy promoting other systems. I mainly promote using safelists and banners.

As an upgraded member, you earn:

  • 25% of the advertising you sell
  • 10% of the advertising your referrals sell, 10 levels deep
  • All upgraded members share 10% of the profits generated by ParadoxCash

Below are screenshots of my downline. As you can see, several people have upgraded their account, about 1 out of 10, which is a pretty good conversion rate I think.

ParadoxCash Downline

ParadoxCash Downline

Join ParadoxCash [Affiliate Link]



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