Twitter Tips For Beginners


Do you know that Twitter is one of the most powerful social medium for engaging businesses and customers alike? Utilizing Twitter for affiliate marketing or for general business needs entails effectively getting the best out of the popular social network. Perhaps you are a newbie who is not yet grounded on using Twitter like a pro to promote business or internet marketing? Do not worry about that! I guarantee that if you effectively apply these tips on how to use Twitter, you will be astonished by the degree of positive results you will generate. The following Twitter tips will make you tweet like a champ in no time!

  1. Build your target followers: In online affiliate marketing, there is always a target audience whom you would love to capture their interest or would want to associate with your brand. Twitter is not different, building your “followers” means to connect with everyday people by continuous engagement in twitter chats, following, partaking in conversations, using # tags to contribute to trending topics, retweeting tweets that interest you, etc. All these would help to give you better exposure and greater number of followers. Always try to build a good relationship with your followers and following, so that they would always be willing to associate with the brand you intend to market on Twitter.
  2. Use Tweeter lists: In order to organize into segments the streaming coming from people you follow, and to be able to see the ones that interest you other that reading the whole streaming, you need a Twitter list. You may not be having the busiest feeds for now, but a Twitter list helps you to segment your contacts into different groups such as affiliate marketers, business associate, digital marketers, friends, family, etc. This will help you to space your streaming to make room for easy access to information and proper navigation.
  3. Respond to your mentions: Understanding how to mention will help you to reply back in Twitter conversations, which is essential in Twitter engagements. Adding the “@” symbol before a tweet’s handle will send your tweet to the tweet’s feed where he or she will get to see it. Therefore, if you were mentioned in a Twitter conversation, be polite enough to reply. If you want the user to see your tweet as a direct message, just add “d” before his or her handle and the tweet will be forwarded to his or her box.
  4. Create a good profile: As a newbie who is new to the world of Twitter, one of the first and most important things to do is to create a good profile that describes what your firm offers, but make sure that your profile reflects you as a person. Your profile picture and cover photos can be your picture and company logo respectively. Write a good biography, it should be intriguing, humorous, flattering, catchy, targeted, accurate and exciting to the reader. It should connect you to your company and have other quality information and links that can better explain what you tend to offer to your followers as an affiliate marketer.
  5. Retweet your old tweets: It’s not every time that you can generate content that your followers would appreciate and favorite. Therefore, if you have an old tweet that interests you, you may want to share it again to the views of your followers. This may be able to create greater exposure to your services or products and can still help to cover for variations in time zone. So, you may also want to retweet your old tweets at a different time to be able to reach more followers at different time zones.
  6. Manage your follower-following ratio: You can’t just be following everyone while very few persons are following you. There are limits to how many persons you can follow on Twitter, especially when your followers are quite fewer than your following. There is no standard number for the ratio but you need to use your sense. Manage your following to be less or close to your number of followers. Always have in mind that your purpose on Twitter is for affiliate marketing and business related activities. Therefore you should strive to grow more followers who would see your products and services than people who won’t.
  7. Share relevant tweets: The quality of your tweets is of paramount interest to your followers. Your tweets should offer value to your followers. It must not be always about you, business or company. You can share links to articles that you find interesting which are connected to your business niche, but make sure to include the writer/author in your post. It is healthy to tweet about them and not yourself, always tweet contents that your followers would love to retweet, thereby creating the mindset that your Twitter account is a valuable one and more people would love to follow.
  8. Join a retweet group: A retweet group is a Twitter account especially set up to retweet all of its followers’ tweets. You just have to follow the group and use the hashtag corresponding to the retweet group you’re interested in. If your tweet matches with the group’s interests, it will be retweeted, increasing its exposure and your number of followers! To give you an example, when I add #BMRTG (Business Marketing Retweet Group) to one of my tweets, I gain more than 300 impressions for that tweet. Here are some interesting retweet groups you can join:
    1. @BMRTG: Business Marketing Retweet Group #BMRTG
    2. @BTRTG: Business Talk Retweet Group #BTRTG
    3. @IARTG: Independant Author Retweet Group #IARTG
    4. @INRTG: Indie Retweet Group #INRTG
    5. @IDRTG: Indie Developers Retweet Group #IDRTG
    6. @IQRTG: Inspirational Quote Retweet Group #IQRTG
    7. @ITRTG: Information Technology Retweet Group #ITRTG
    8. @SNRTG: Social Network Retweet Group #SNRTG

As a newbie who is into affiliate marketing on Twitter, striving to carve out a niche for yourself and your brand may not be very easy at the start.  But there is one assurance I can offer you, if you follow these tips on your quest for better business contacts and affiliate marketing on Twitter, then I guarantee that in no time, you will literally be tweeting like a pro.

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6 Responses

  1. FifthJune

    December 18, 2015 11:21 am

    Hey David,

    Great article you have written about leveraging on social medias like Twitter

    I totally agree with you that twitter is the most powerful social medium
    Oh btw which is better to leverage on?
    as i have done some research about twitter and facebook
    where twitter is for younger user and facebook which is much more elder generation is that true?

    Keep up the good work!


    • David

      December 18, 2015 1:26 pm

      Twitter users are younger that Facebook users it’s true, though there are much more FB users compared to Twitter users. I think that Twitter is better for business purposes (like Google+). FB is more for entertainment and sharing funny things…

  2. Raquel

    December 18, 2015 11:28 am

    Thanks David! These are really good tips especially for people like me who are new to Twitter. Especially the retweet group. Do you think there are retweet groups for a specfic niche? How often should you tweet – what do you recommend? I guess it does take time to establish a good following.

    • David

      December 18, 2015 12:58 pm

      I think there are many more retweet groups than those I am mentioning (I’m mentioning only the largest here). If you perform a search, you will surely find a retweet group focusing on your niche. I try to tweet at least 5 times a day. Tweeting too often is not a good thing though, it can be assimilated to some kind of spam.

  3. Hannah

    December 18, 2015 11:30 am

    Hi there.

    I found this article on Twitter marketing very useful and interesting to read. I think what I am doing wrong is not posting often enough. I occasionally post an article I’ve written but never know what other kind of posts.

    Should everything I post be related to my niche?

    Great article. I will try using some of your tips from now on.


    • David

      December 18, 2015 12:58 pm

      You don’t need to focus exclusively on your niche. You can post amusing things that people will enjoy. What is important too is to retweet other people’s tweets. It will make them feel their content is of some value, and in return they will retweet your own content. Happy tweeting!


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