What Is A Keyword Research?

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As a blogger, your goal is to give useful informations to your readers. But what is a useful information? It’s the type of information that people are looking for when they perform a search in the search engines. In fact, when you start a new article, you must wonder if what you provide will be useful. That’s where the notion of keyword comes into play. So read on to know what is a keyword research and how to make it properly to bring traffic to your website and gain authority in the search engines.

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a word or several words (usually, it’s several words) that people type in the search field of a search engine. The search engine then shows the pages that are matching for that particular keyword. As there are many sites containing the same keywords, it’s very important to do a keyword research before writing your article. This step is as important as writing the article itself. In fact, your article will be entirely built around that keyword. Usually, you will choose 1 main keyword and 2 or 3 secondary keywords. Each secondary keyword will be the subject of one paragraph.

How To Find Good Keywords?

There’s a simple technique I use called ‘The alphabet soup’. The name seems strange but it’s very simple:

  • Go to Google and type your main keyword
  • Then type the letter ‘a’ right after your keyword
  • Google will show you a series of words starting with the letter ‘a’ and relevant to your main keyword
  • Repeat the process with the letter ‘b’, and so on.

Within 5 minutes you will come up with a lot of keywords. But where does Google find all those astonishing words? In fact, these are the most common researches made by people that Google ‘remembers’. So you are sure that these keywords are actually searched and that you will generate some traffic with them.

The next thing to check is the competition: if the keyword you’ve chosen has too much competition, your site won’t rank high in the search engines and you won’t have any traffic. That’s why you need to use a keyword tool to check the competition.

How To Do A Keyword Research?

There are many tools to help you find good keywords. The first that comes to mind is the Google Keyword Planner. Although it’s a useful tool, it’s not my preferred one. I prefer to use Jaaxy [Affiliate Link], which compiles data from several search engines: Google of course, but also Bing, Yahoo, Live and several others. This way Jaaxy’s data are more accurate than those that rely solely on Google.

So how to do a keyword research in Jaaxy? Very simple: just type a keyword and let the fun begin! Jaaxy will come up with several metrics:


  • Avg: Average number of searches the keyword receives in one month.
  • Traffic: Number of visits of your website you can achieve if you rank on the first page of the search engines.
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results): Number of sites you’re competing with for that exact keyword in Google. This is the most important data. Choose a keyword that has a QSR below 400.
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): Summarize several  metrics (traffic volume, competition, estimated ranking results…) in a coloured indicator. Green=Good Keyword – Orange=Still OK – Red=Bad.
  • SEO: Score based on traffic and competition. It is a scale between 0 to 100. The higher the better.
  • Domains: Available domains with your keyword (Paid version).

A good starting point is to find a keyword with a QSR below 400 and a traffic of over 100. That way, you will come up with a low competition keyword that still receives a good amount of traffic.

I hope this post was useful to you to know precisely what is a keyword research and, most importantly, how to do a keyword research. Feel free to give me your thoughts below!

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