About Me

David Martinet

Hello, dear readers of this blog!

My name is David Martinet and I live in the lovely country of France (I’m not kidding, it’s a lovely country!), In the beautiful region of Normandy.

I discovered internet marketing around 2012, and it immediately fascinated me. The fact that we can earn money by recommending products, and also the fact that we can reach so many people thanks to the Internet made me understand that thanks to this, I could maybe leave my employment and finally live a free life without constraints…

Unfortunately, the road was long and for 10 years, I tried everything to make money on the Internet: safelists, traffic exchanges, affiliation with Amazon… It’s not just nothing didn’t work: I did earn a little money here and there, but nothing that could allow me to say goodbye to my boss…

So I started creating sites to monetize them through Amazon. The results were a bit more convincing, but not great.

And then, finally, one day, I decided to make a list. I had tried before, but the test was not very successful.

So I decided to get more serious about it, and then the results REALLY started to show.

Even though I’m not yet making a full-time income from my affiliate marketing activities, I think I’ve already accumulated enough knowledge to share with you in this blog.

And since I really like to test new things, I will share my discoveries and opinions with you through articles that I hope you will find interesting.

So, welcome to my world!