Passive Class Review: A Complete Affiliate Marketing Course

By David

Hello dear marketer friends!

Today I would like to tell you about a brand new product launched recently by the american marketer Lee Murray.

The product is called Passive Class and Lee Murray calls it the “Lead Capture Hub”.

Why this name? We’ll get to that in a moment, so keep reading…

What Is Passive Class?

In a nutshell, Passive Class bills itself as an online affiliate marketing course.

In a series of videos, Lee Murray will teach you how to create a list for your marketing campaigns, a landing page. It will also show you the different ways to get traffic to this landing page.

In short, if you are new to Internet Marketing, Passive Class is THE resource you need!

How Much Does Passive Class Cost?

Of course, once inside you will be able to purchase other products if you wish, but these are absolutely not necessary to follow Passive Class and reap the full benefits.

Inside Passive Class by Lee Murray
Inside Passive Class by Lee Murray

So, What Is this Lead Capture Hub?

In fact, instead of directly promoting Passive Class through your affiliate link (which will put the person on Lee’s list, not yours), you will need to create a page that will capture the person’s email, which will then come on YOUR list.

It is only in a second step that the person will be redirected to the Passive Class registration page.

Thus, even if the person does not register for Passive Class, they will still be on your list, and you can send them regular emails in order to promote other products… or Passive Class (we do not never know, maybe it works better the 2nd time…).

Does this sound complicated to you? Click on the link just below (the big yellow button) and you will land on my landing page. You will then see how the whole process works.

Besides, if you are looking for a good system to build a list and landing pages, you can try LeadsLeap.

It’s free and you’ll have all the tools you need to get started.

Read my LeadsLeap Review

Once Enrolled in Passive Class, What Will Happen?

Of course, he will recommend you certain products for which he himself is affiliated (what a wise man!). But you will not be obliged to buy them in any way.

Passive Class Mails
Some of the emails you will receive once enrolled in Passive Class

Are There any Upsells Inside Passive Class?

In order to save you time, I will detail them for you below.

One important thing to say about these upsells: unlike many other marketing products of the same kind, these are very inexpensive.

Lee purposely set prices very low to keep them accessible to newbie marketers like you and me.

Thanks Lee!

Upsell # 1: Full Lead Capture System — $ 9.95

They are both very basic, but will suit beginners who don’t know how to do this type of page on their own (although Lee Murray shows how he does it in the Passive Class videos).

You can see the pages here:

Upsell # 2: 30 Done-For-You Emails — $ 19.95

These emails promote Passive Class, but also other products, which are not Lee Murray’s products.

Upsell # 3: Email Lead Capture Club — $ 9.95 (Monthly) — $ 67 (Lifetime)

Enough to make you an overpowering money-machine!

Upsell # 4: IM Niche Domination PLUS — $ 47

  • IM Niche Domination
  • Affiliate Psycho
  • Email Slick Twin Pack Plus

Of course, these are all products by Lee Murray.

Upsell # 5: Passive Class 100% Commission Bump — $ 47

In my opinion, this is the most interesting upsell. Imagine cashing out $ 47 multiple times, it can quickly get gigantic!

Lee Murray's Profile at WarriorPlus
Lee Murray’s profile at WarriorPlus. This guy knows how to sell, uh???!!!!

But by the Way… Who Is this Lee Murray?

His style is quite inimitable: in his videos, he is often funny and makes many aside.

His videos are really a lot of fun to follow. It’s a safe bet that they will surely make you smile!

Another hallmark of Lee Murray is his outspokenness, far from the formatted language of many other so-called Internet Marketing gurus.

In short, he is an endearing personality that we want to follow!

He is also a very good copywriter and email marketer. You will surely notice this once you start to receive his emails… They will not leave you indifferent!

In Summary… Is Passive Class Right for You?

If you are a more experienced marketer, you may not learn much from Passive Class, although you may learn a few useful things, especially when it comes to generating traffic.

And then don’t forget: Passive Class is ABSOLUTELY FREE!

So… Go ahead, this is where the magic happens:

Join Passive Class Now

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